MoP® Foundation e-learning in English

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ILX Group’s Management of Portfolios e-learning will lead to improved understanding of:
• The portfolio management cycles, practices and techniques and the organisational context within which the y operate; – Effective approaches to understanding, categorising, prioritising, balancing and planning; and – How project and programme success can be enhanced by adopting a portfolio perspective to delivery
• The opportunity to demonstrate sufficient knowledge and understanding to work as an informed member of a portfolio office or in a range of portfolio management roles
The organisation will benefit from having staff trained in the key MoP elements enabling:
• Improved strategic contribution – more of the ‘right’ projects to be undertaken
• Removal of redundant,duplicate and low value adding projects and programmes
• More effective implementation of projects and programmes via management of constraints, risks and dependencies
• More efficient utilisation of scarce resources including skilled project/programme managers
• Greater benefits realisation
• Improved accountability and corporate governance
This training and qualification is aimed at those involved in a range of formal and informal portfolio management roles encompassing investment decision-making,project and programme delivery, and benefits realisation. It is relevant to all those involved in the selection and delivery of business change initiatives including:
• Members of Management Boards and Directors of Change
• Senior Responsible Owners (SROs)
• Portfolio,Programme, Project, Business Change and Benefits Managers
• Business Case Writers
• Project Appraisers
• Business Process Owner
Please notice that this certification must be renewed every 3 years.
• Introduction
• Introduction to mop
• Strategic & organisational context
• Roles & documentation
• Mop principles
• Implement, sustain & measure
• Definition cycle
• Delivery cycle
• Mop foundation examination simulator
After the course you can book your exam by using your exam voucher. It is a pre-requisite that you have participated in the course before you can take the exam. As Peak Consulting Group does not have exam rooms available, it is not possible to take the exam at the end of the course. • Multiple choice examination questions
• 50 questions per paper
• 25 marks required to pass (out of 50 available) – 50%
• 40 minutes’ duration
• Closed book
When you have received your MoP Foundation certificate you have the opportunity to continue at the next level: MoP PractitionerPrice
DKK 7.500 incl. certification, VAT excluded.
• 12 months online access to our accredited MoP Foundation course
• MoP e-book
• Full online tutor support
• Online MoP Foundation mock exam revision tool
• Online exam with remote invigilationWould you like to purchase a physical book, please send an e-mail to:
MoP® Foundation e-learning in English

Access for 12 months

Language: English
Materials: English
DKK 7.500
January price 5.500 DKK

Including certification and materials.
All prices are excl. VAT

Statements form our participant

PRINCE2 Foundation

I can say with confidence that my expectations were met and I am happy with my decision to take the course. In terms of key takeaways from the course, for me this would be the fact that PRINCE2® can be tailored to suit any project, which will help me in managing all my future projects more efficiently. The facilitation of the course was perfectly executed by Peak Consulting Group and the overall course experience was just great!

Edi Simeonov Boyanov
Edi Simeonov Boyanov

PRINCE2 Foundation

The course lived up to my expectations. During the 3 days, we got a thorough insight into the basics of the PRINCE2® method, and had time to discuss how to put it in context to the experiences and challenges we encounter. There was no doubt that the trainer had a lot of experience with project management and the use of PRINCE2®, which meant you always felt like you were in very safe hands.

Sandra Villumsen
NielsenIQ, logo

M_o_R Foundation

I am really happy I took the course. I definitely got wiser and learned a lot I didn’t already know. I have already worked with Risk Management in my job, but now I know more about the importance of knowing the objective and having the right tools throughout the process.

Nina Achton Jørck

M_o_R Foundation

It was overall a great course, and I left with what I expected to receive, and a lot more. All the different angles to risk were covered, and in a professional way. Great teacher and with a very fun twist to the course. Very funny man, and definitely a great teacher. I was able to learn how to apply risk management to my company, and how it can be used broadly. It really opened up my mind to how wide risk stretches.

Malek Salah Awada

PRINCE2 Foundation

The course was, as expected, intense, and tied together the threads of the prepared course material nicely. The course was extraordinarily well orchestrated by the trainer, who balanced theory, exercises and own experiences perfectly. She was especially good at emphasizing the most essential points.

The PRINCE2 Framework has sharpened my understanding of which decisions need to be taken in regards to themes and processes during the project progress. I’ve already used my new knowledge to address some topics in a current project.


Albert Balestra
topdanmark, logo

PRINCE2 Agile® Practitioner

The course gave me the abilities and tools to assess whether the project organization and the project itself were ready and suitable for working agile, as well as the risks that come with the agile mindset.

I got a specific toolset of methods and principles to bring home and put to use in my everyday life as a project manager. It is an enormous help in my daily life when bridges need to be built between management expectations and team objectives.

Lars Lomholt
unit it, logo

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