P3M3® maturity assessment 

it service management

Maturity within project-, program- and portfolio management speaks to the organization’s ability to create successful changes through portfolios, projects and programs. With a P3M3® maturity

Maturing and governance  


Organizations can be very used to or not as used to completing projects and programs. This is really dependant on the organizational maturity. This is

Program management  


Transformations are extensive initiatives, that demand careful management. With program management you create coherence and administration, so the transformation not only progresses but also gives

Change management  


Organizations consist of people, and the project work is carried by relations. Therefore, successful organizational implementation requires an ability to put yourself in other people’s

Benefits realization 


ojekter sættes i verden for at levere en eller flere gevinster. Men gevinsterne bliver desværre ikke altid til virkelighed. I Peak arbejder vi målrettet med at realisere gevinsterne ved at identificere, måle og handle på dem før, under og efter et givent projekt. 

Portfolio management

portfolio management

An organization’s projects and other initiatives must underpin the business strategy. However, it can be hard for management to maintain an overview and prioritize between

PMO in a box

Program - mand ved vindue

All organizations have projects and many also have project-, program- and portfolio-offices. Few businesses, however, have the competencies or the methodical approach in place to

The business transformation-model 

hurtigt tog, transformation

Organizations consist of and are run by people. Still, we often forget this when we have to manage changes. With the transformation-model the work with